Zii Patcher Application Update Issues


Why do not update any zii patcher application?


Everyone read it carefully

Whenever a software/application is use patcher, its various files are changed so as to change its behavior. For example, if a patcher software doesnt ask for key but it used to ask in the premium version, it is most probably because someone did changes to the files so that software/application doesn’t ask for key.

But as soon as you update the application, the application server will send the new files and old files generally get deleted. In that case the patcher/crack doesnt work and u r left again with the premium version of the app asking for key.

Though it is possible that those files dont get updated and your crack still works, it is very less likely and differs from application to application.

So, Stop update your adobe CC or ignore update process, if you use our zii patcher otherwise our patcher not working your application.

When New Version Adobe Zii Patcher Application Release?

Everyone comment when new version release. We release new version as soon as possible also please do not comment for release date. Just save our website your browser and everyday visits if AdobeZii Team release Adobe Zii Patcher latest version then you find easily.

8 Replies to “Zii Patcher Application Update Issues”

  1. Hello lovely Zii Patcher team… I’ve been using your app since it’s first release and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’ve never had a single issue.

    Only this last time, it seems that there is an Illustrator update that’s not working with Zii. Have you guys have had a look at that? I can’t wait for the next update.

    Cheers and thanks so much for everything

  2. Dear Jack,

    Thanks for your wonderful program. I have only one problem. Photoshop doesn’t work with tnt 4.4.8. (mac catalina). The version is not supporterd and even if i want to open the trial app it will not work.

    Can you maybe give a solution for that?

  3. hello, I use the patcher a long time its absolutely great. I want to ask a question. the patcher works fine with indesign Illustrator and photoshop but I can’t get it working with DC pro. the patcher says successful but when I start dc. the next day it isn’t activated. I have used the cleaner tool started all over again with installation. what am I doing wrong?

    greetz Michel

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