Adobe Zii Can’t be opened Catalina 2020 Solved

Adobe Zii Catalina 10.15

adobe zii catalina

Many visitors comment Adobe Zii 2020 Catalina or catalina not working adobe zii or adobe zii not working Catalina 10.15. We already post solution another post our website. Here we again report with only adobe zii mac catalina install process method with latest version zii patcher 2020. So follow bellow solutions fix your problem. We test this solutions, so it’s work 100%.

  1. First Download AdobeZii 2020 5.0.6 Our Website (Download link Post Below)
  2. Unzip
  3. Enter the password –
  4. Move Adobe Zii 5.0.6_TNT_AdobeZii.Com.dmg file to the Applications folder.
  5. Open and move Adobe Zii 2020 5.0.6 (.app) to the applications folder.
  6. Take all the spaces out of Adobe Zii 2020 5.0.6 so it looks like this AdobeZii20205.0.6
  7. Open Terminal
  8. Run: sudo bash

enter your user password if needed.

  1. Run: sudo spctl –master-disable (notice two dashes before ‘master’ Like sudo spctl –master-disable)
  2. Run: spctl –status

to check gatekeeper has been disabled. It will say “assessments disabled”.

  1. Run: xattr -rd /Applications/
  2. Open Adobe Zii 2020 5.0.6 from applications folder and then drag and patch. SUCCESS 🙂 (for me at least)

Re enable Gatekeeper.

  1. Run: sudo spctl –master-enable (notice two dashes before ‘master’ Like sudo spctl –master-enable)
  2. Check status run: spctl –status

(it will say assessments enabled)

All done! Now enjoy!

How to know if Zii gets Adobe app activated successfully?

It’s true that even the Trial and Expiry notification exist, but the app actually is activated successfully. To check that, from the app interface > Help > You will see K’ed by TNT Team status.

Right here is the successful activation Process Photo:

Adobe Zii TNT

Some helpful details below check now….

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All END! Please try all solution then comment….


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50 Replies to “Adobe Zii Can’t be opened Catalina 2020 Solved”

  1. There MUST be 2 dashes before the word master for the commands to run.
    Run: sudo spctl –master-disable
    Run: spctl –status

    Run: sudo spctl –master-disable
    Run: spctl –status

  2. Ok!! there is an issue with the text/font on this website. It is connecting 2 dashes and making them one large dash.
    If they are next to each other (I’m typing 2 now here –) it will post the comment, but they connect them as one big dash when its posted. Sorry but this is really hard to explain.
    Here I am typing 2 dashes but with a space between them – –
    Here I am typing 2 dashes but WITHOUT a space between them — (see it makes it into one large dash, which when copy and pasting into the terminal doesn’t run the command correctly. This is where I think A LOT of people will be having issues.

  3. Hey! I’ve followed all the instructions, ran terminal to disable the gatekeeper, and for some reason when I launch Lightroom, it’s not patched. Is anyone else having this issue? When I launch the patcher, it asks for Root permission, so I enter my password, it runs successful, yet nothing happens.
    I really hope I can get this to work!

  4. Thank you guys for all the information you provide us with for free! It’s really amazing that you’re doing this, you don’t know how much it’s helped me out 🙂

    I found this article the most straightforward out of all your posts, and was able to quickly fix the problem in a few minutes. Thanks!

  5. Adobe Lightroom Classic does not work:
    Version 9.0 [201910151439-b660523e]

    Everything else did though, thanks!

    pls let me know when it gets corrected 🙂

  6. Hello, I’ve managed to do everything but when I put this in the terminal :
    xattr -rd /Applications/
    it says no such file.
    Ive realized someone else encountered the same problem as mentioned in a comment above, but in the solution you provide to him, you send him to the same page where we are now.

    1. hey, you something wrong if you use 5.0.7 version you must need to replace version example
      xattr -rd /Applications/ so please double check all everything

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for the hard work. All patches have worked except for Lightroom Classic 2020.

    I will wait for Patch 8.

    Any idea on the release?

  8. Adobe Illustrator version 24.0.1 does not match supported version 24.0.0. Patching MAY FAIL!
    Adobe Zii 2020 5.0.8 with these new version am facing problem application cannot be opened

  9. Hey,
    Just tried new version 5.0.8.
    Followed the process perfectly but last command, (xattr -rd /Applications/ didnt work.
    So I double clicked the “” file on Applications folder and could do the drag. Complete message appeared.

    BUT cant see the message K’ed by TNT in Help.
    Can you please help me?

      1. Hi Jack. Thanks for your help! I did follow your steps now. Got to the Complete message after drag and drop again. Still doesnt work unfortunately. Maybe wait for next Zii versions? Or any other ideas?

    1. Move Adobe Zii 5.0.9_TNT_AdobeZii.Com.dmg file to the Applications folder. (just Applications folder)
      / Library / Application or search google for your solution

  10. It’s work!! The folder I move to in my computer is “Applications support”, then I follow your step and it works perfectly. Thank you so much, Jack.

  11. Disabled gatekeeper. Ran the quarantine command came back clean line no error….then when trying to run just says The application “AdobeZii2020” can’t be opened.

    Missing something obvious here?!

  12. Not working on Catalina 10.15.1 (19B88), Try every single step 100 times. This is ruining my day…Really hope you guys can find a solution for this

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